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Nursing Services

The nursing department of the IMH was established in 1980. Since then, the nursing department has been continuously improving in clinical care, nursing education and research. Guided by scientific administration and the incorporation of modern management theory and clinical care, the nursing department has changed psychiatric care from empirical management towards scientific and modern management.

The IMH carries the patient-centered clinical care, implements full-range nursing services, emphasizes the quality of care and continuous improvement, reinforces communication skills, uses three-level evaluation, in order to understand patients’ changes and needs dynamically and provide patients with effective clinical care, psychological support, and health education. The nursing department emphasizes individualized services to patients in the acute phase as well as functional recovery afterwards. It also introduces new psychiatric recovery theory and methods into clinical care services to enforce patients’ self-management and improve their quality of life.

As the science evolves, the nursing department trains specialty nurses. Currently, there are specialty nurses in geriatric psychiatry, child psychiatry, substance abuse, neurosis, acute psychiatric disorders, psychiatric recovery, psychological care, and Modified Electric Convulsive Therapy.

The IMH provides professional consultation for early intervention, recovery, and home care. It also provides training in returning to the society, daily functions, social interactions, and working skills. The IMH participates in group activities of care-givers of dementia patients, relatives of schizophrenia patients, and psychological education for patients and their relatives. The IMH also edits newspapers on psychiatric recovery and provides psychiatric patients’ relatives with lectures on mental health and home care.

Bearing the “patient as center, care for life” in mind, the IMH nursing team is trying to establish a “scientific, human, caring” nursing brand. The IMH nursing team has proved themselves by their professional appearance, efficient nursing skills, sufficient nursing knowledge, effective communication, and cordial services.